Bloxorz is a simple yet addictive game – move a block around a floating platform using the arrow keys, dropping it through the square hole to complete the level. That’s it! Simple as it sounds, the levels get more and more taxing, though we can assure you that they are all actually solveable! Later levels see you splitting your block into to separately controllable pieces, use the spacebar to toggle between them. Other than that, everything else is pretty self explanatory. Be warned – once you start playing this you might find it hard to stop!

Stuck? Check out these level codes.

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Rating: 8.5/10 (650 votes cast)
Bloxorz, 8.5 out of 10 based on 650 ratings

181 thoughts on “Bloxorz

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  2. Stage 5 is Like Bare Annoying Though! I came to the End and the Place were you Put the Rectangle in the Square Whole thingie But i can’t Figure it out??

  3. Agood game if you shan’t to play in schoolmate sure the name didntmentchon gAme because the perental con trolle won’t stop it

  4. A great pity that your comprehensive powers, concentration and logistical abilities don’t allow you to take up the challenge and complete the game.
    “Pop the Bubbles” is probably too difficult for you also!
    W***NK is not an object, therefore it is impossible to place one in a giant bag, and peace is unable to be placed (a verb, to place) anywhere as it cannot be held to place it in a chosen position.
    You comment is complete gibberish with a large component of illiteracy.


    • HAHAHAHA ur nan hate it rofl HAHAHAHAHA just coz she is crap at it mate OMG IM CRYING WITH LAUGHTER HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! ROFL :v

  6. this game is not fun.!!! its so borng!!! this is the only thing i can play on my laptop!!! because the kinds of websites i go on r blacked like facebook.!!!!!

  7. sophie babe remember dis? ;) hhahahahahah and who ever saiid my nans dead…… she is well and truly alive thankyou (both of them) ;)

  8. Louise boi this game is sick fam;) Also whoever said that all nans are dead, one of mine is and she ment everything to me, it werent that long ago, so i suggest you keep quiet please, have a little respect. My great nan is 93 she’s lucky to still be alive. Learn a little word called respect….

  9. yes i completed it as a dare took me like 1 hour and a half but owh well wont have to play this shit gaame again lol hi people this game a load of shit xx bye xx

  10. i love this game so much. all my friends think that they are better than me at this game and when we do competitions guess who loses. this is the best fun maths game and this is coming from a person who hates maths.

  11. OMFG! This is so hair-ripping-out STRESSFULL…but LOL… it’s funny seeing Hanny get in a temper with the computer :)

  12. Anyone who has to use cheats o this game are seriously retarded. I mean this game is so easy just use a little bit of basic math and BAM … your at the last level. So to all you people who cant pass this game get off your bums and start studying.because if you do not your life is an epic fail before its even started yet.

  13. well to say its a good game to make your brain ready for stuff but sometimes its a bit boring because its a bit hard my highest level i got was 45 but the thing i hate is that you cant save it then when you want to play on it again you will have to start again which is the bad part of it but it is really really fun to make you brain think straight.

  14. hi I totes agree wiv ya homie! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox CALL ME MAYBE!? you know you want to ;) ;) ;) lol

  15. this game is wiki wiki fresh, dont need no school need dem blockz. peace to ma boyz n girlz.sweet blozorez. by the way this games rocks!!!!!!!!

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